Bahrain – Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix, Qualifiers

Sahkir, Bahrain, March 27, 2021.

It has been some months after the exhibition race in Belgium, and the teams were ready to get into real action for 2021.

Geckinho was the first causality of the track; starting from position #10 he went into a great sprint, and then tried to grab Wichman’s position #6 driving too fast into the Michael Schumacher curve #1.

Meanwhile, both Queenscape drivers had a great start, running much faster than any other car on the track, perhaps too fast for Jochen, who was unable to brake enough to pass safely thru the hairpin corner.

Kisielewicz had a great race, performing better at times than the Majeyaux duo, but his car in the end just couldn’t be fast enough and had to settle with position #4.

Zapata kept struggling with the slow Slashware car and ended up off the track in the blind curve, while Wichman, Denzi, and Gaburi drove more carefully and managed to cross the finish line.

Qualifiers Results

The Epona cars closed the gap with the Majeyaux a little bit when compared to the previous race, while the Slashware racers still seem to be finding their way. Jochen will start again from the backline, hopefully managing to drive harmless through curve #1.

Biskup T., Pole Position

The pole position goes for Biskup, who will not have an easy time in the race tomorrow with both Majeyaux drivers on his tail.

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