Bahrain – Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix Race

Sahkir, Bahrain, March 28, 2021. We have seen a thrilling Grand Prix race under the weather of Bahrain, following up on a hot qualifier session.

Jochen started from the bottom of the list and quickly went to battle with Gaburi’s for position 6 into the Michael Schumacher turn where he managed to surpass her in a very close wheel-to-wheel duel. He would then try to reprise a similar maneuver in the hairpin curve vs. Denzi, but this time he couldn’t get thru the tight corner, ending up against the wall again. A bad start of the season for the young German driver who seems to be trying a bit too hard to impress his fans.

Biskup dominated the race from the pole position but he would meet the end of his race at the very same corner some laps later, leaving the Queenscape team with 0 points in this inaugural race.

Kisielewicz K. went on to attack the Majeyaux drivers from the green lights, engaging in a dogfight with Simernino and almost taking second place after the first lap. The battle for this spot went on for almost the entire second lap until Simernino was finally able to get off him. KIS would drive to the finish line to end in spot #2 after Biskup’s accident, with Simernino taking the top spot and Casalini completing the podium completing a great start for the French team.

KIS’s teammate Wichman, on the other hand, didn’t have a very good race, sandwiched between the Hatena and Slashware machines, he ended up against a wall when trying to overtake Gaburi for position #6.

On the back pack, Denzi had the better performance followed by his teammate and then both Slashware racers who managed to finish the race at least, with Zapata trailing the winner by over 6 seconds.

Race results
Simernino D.
Winner of the Bahrain Formula Proc Grand Prix Trophy 2021
Standings after the first race

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