Emilia Romana – Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix, Qualifiers

Imola, Italy, April 17, 2021 – FormulaProc has arrived in Europe for 2021! It’s racing time in the classic circuit of Imola, which returns to the schedule after many years and safety renovations.

In this second Grand Prix of the season, there’s hope the Queenscape team finally finds its way and can complete a race unscathed. They have already proved themselves to have a good car, but if they don’t start adding points to the table they may be in trouble down the road.

Imola is known for its dangerous corners, but luckily there weren’t any big surprises during the qualifying session; Perhaps all drivers played more safe, hoping to have better chances during the race.

Biskup won the pole again (hopefully he can make better use of it than he did in Bahrain!) this time followed by his teammate Jochen, and Casalini and Simernino followed. Kisielewicz had a good qualifier for spot #5, and Wichman stood next to him. The final pack of the Hatena and Slashware drivers had the surprise of Zapata climbing to position #8, surpassing the veteran driver Geckinho and his own teammate Gaburi, who didn’t have a great day.

Biskup T. – Pole Position
Qualifiers results

I will see you tomorrow for the Grand Prix Race!

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