Emilia Romana– Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix Race

Imola, Italy, April 18, 2021 – It is time to race at Emilia Romana: the second Grand Prix of the season kicked in with favorite teams Queenscape and Majeyaux standing in the front row after a pretty event-less qualifiers session that saw Biskup take his second pole position of the season. It looked like this was going to be the chance for the Queenscape team to start the tournament for real.

And so it was. The Queenscape team had an amazing race with Biskup starting strong and keeping the first position well until the final lap where he was overtaken by his teammate Jochen just by a close margin. Both cars kept a comfortable gap to the Majeyaux duo, which had a better performance by Casalini who seemed very comfortable at the track and ended up half a second ahead of his teammate at the finish line.

Jochen A.
Winner of the 2021 Emilia Romana FormulaProc Grand Prix Trophy

The back pack had some surprising action, with Wichman leading ahead in position #5 (at times getting really close to Simernino) and a good performance by Zapata trailing behind in the first lap. Kisielewicz woke up and dashed thru Zapata and Wichman to climb to position #5 before the end of lap 2. Wichman didn’t yield tho and fought for the last pointer position only to crash shortly afterward at the Acque Minerali curve, a second abandon for the Swedish pilot.

Final Race Results

Gaburi had a race to forget, with a crash near the Tamburello variant in the first lap. Geckinho also crashed during the last lap at the Piratella corner seemingly struggling with an unwieldy Hatena that didn’t allow him to see any real action. Zapata had a decent race and almost managed to score points if not for the superb driving of Kisielewicz.

The scoreboard shook after this second race, but in spite of the great results of the Queenscape drivers, Simernino managed to keep the lead of the tournament to a quickly approaching Jochen, and Kisielewicz is still one position over Biskup. The Slashware drivers remain pointless and it seems they will have a hard time scoring during the tournament unless they develop some change in their strategy. Wichman stays at the bottom of the list with two DNFs.

Queenscape rose from the bottom into the second position in the teams’ ranking, will they climb to the top in the next race? I’ll see you at Portimão for the next FormulaProc GP!

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