Portugal – Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix, Qualifiers

Portimão, Portugal, April 30, 2021 – We are now in the beautiful region of Algarve, ready to enjoy the beautiful and nerve-wracking Portimão Circuit, in what promises to be a weekend full of emotions.

Energized from a good weekend at Imola, the Queenscapes sought to continue their streak, with Majeyaux hoping to hold to their lead.

Both Kisielewicz and Simernino had issues on the Lagos corner, however, Simernino managed to maneuver back into the track to finish on spot #8, while Kisielewicz wasn’t as lucky and had to resort to the last position start. Casalini couldn’t handle the Portimão corner, thus making the first time none of the Majeyaux will start from advantaging positions.

With the Majeyaux retired, Biskup and Jochen built a great time advantage from the rest of the pack. Biskup claimed the Pole position yet again, and Wichman had a good #3 starting spot. Denzi was the fastest of the slow pack, followed by Zapata, Geckinho and Gaburi.

Qualifiers Results

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