Spain– FormulaProc 2021 Grand Prix, Qualifiers

Montmeló, Spain, May 7, 2021 – We traveled east and into the Catalonia region to witness a classic Grand Prix weekend. This circuit is well known by most of the drivers as it serves as a test-bed for many of the improvements done to the cars for every season, so we can expect every driver to be at their best and likely make little mistakes on their runs.

The qualifiers session went in smooth, with Biskup taking the pole position for a fourth time in a row, followed by his teammate, the Majeyaux racers, and the Eponas.

Energized from winning the Portugal GP, we saw Kisielewicz have a great qualifier, surpassing the Majeyaux for most of the track but finally yielding time in the long back straight and the subsequent corners. On the other hand, Denzi almost snatched position #6 from Wichman but he managed to keep it in the last straight.

Will Biskup use his pole position to improve his standings in the tournament? we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

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