Spain – FormulaProc 2021 Grand Prix Race

Montmeló, Spain, May 9, 2021 – The time had come for the 4th Grand Prix of the season at Barcelona. The drivers had done a clean job at the qualifiers and the favorites were placed at the top positions. Would Kisielewicz be able to hold his lead with four strong drivers in front of him? there was only one way to know!

Queenscape had a good start with their drivers taking some distance from Majeyaux’ Simernino, while Casalini stayed a bit behind defending from an aggressive Kisielewicz who was looking forward to repeating the feat of Portugal; the Polish madman driver finally managed to win the position at the TV3 corner.

The Queenscape drivers fought each other for the first position until Jochen almost crashes at the same TV3 corner during Lap 2 and fell to position 9. The first four drivers (Biskup, Simernino, Kisielewicz, and Casalini) would hold to their positions until the end of the race after Jochen’s incident, albeit with a sizeable 4 seconds gap between Biskup and Casalini.

Biskup T. Winner of the Spanish 2021 FormulaProc Grand Prix

Wichman fell to the last position in the starting line, went past the slow Slashware car from Zapata, and then was stuck behind Geckinho’s strong defense until the Brazilian spun near curve 12 and yielded his position. Then, as he approached Denzi for position #5 in the final lap they were reached by Jochen on his way to recover from his initial incident. As Jochen tried to overcome both racers in corners 5-6, he missed the curve reentry and crashed in the same area that saw Slashware’s Gaburi did earlier on the race. Wichman was able to complete the first race on the season, albeit outside of the scoring positions.

Checkered flag at Barcelona

Kisielewicz’ third position allows him to keep spot #1 in the tournament, but both Majeyaux drivers loom close. Biskup was the winner of the day gaining 2 positions at the table and closing the group of leaders. Jochen had a disappointing day and now completes 3 out of 4 DNFs, but his victory at Imola keeps him alive, and Denzi continues having a good tournament way ahead of the rest of the slower drivers. Wichman also gained a position over Gaburi, in virtue of finally finishing a race.

Biskups’s victory has served the purpose of Queenscape climbing to position #2 in the teams’ table, but Majeyaux has been doing a more constant work with their two drivers so still remains at a comfortable distance at position #1; likewise, Epona Nitro is going to need a better performance by Wichman if they want to have a serious chance at the teams standing.

I will see you next week, as we travel to Monaco!

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