A weekend at Le Castellet, French Grand Prix 2021

This year France brought us many unbelievable surprises, and one-of-a-kind events so, if you’re only going to read about one GP this season, make sure it’s this one!

During the qualifying session, there were not many surprises, except for Jochen’s performance (he almost crashed two times!). It seems it had been a rough week for Jochen, not only is the pressure high enough to burst anyone’s head after last week (Queenscape hasn’t been in their best moments lately), but also on a personal level, it shouldn’t be easy to see your 8 years long girlfriend walk hand in hand with none other than your teammate, especially when he is doing better than you in the tournament!

It is rumored that the teammates won’t even talk to each other, and it’s uncertain how this will affect Queenscape’s lineup for 2022.

But enough of Queenscape’s drama. As I was saying, Jochen’s performance earned him a tenth place in the qualifying grid. Epona had a great performance qualifying 1-3 with Kisielewicz flying on the track, and Biskup finished spoiling the party for the local team, Majeyaux, who will have to resort to a midfield start.

Now let’s talk about Sunday’s GP, you are in for a treat!

Jochen started the race driving aggressively from the back, and it seemed it would pay off as he climbed a lot of positions, but then he would run out of the track got near Camp, costing him all the progress he had made.

Meanwhile, Biskup and Kisielewicz fought like rabid dogs for the lead, touching tires numerous times. While this was happening, Casalini climbed positions and threatened Biskup’s position trying to take advantage of the situation.

It is worth noting that the French FormulaProc has never been won by a Frenchman. Could this be finally it? there was a lot of expectation for both the local team and their driver, Casalini, to have a good performance, but let’s first talk about their other driver: Simernino almost crashed and took a long time to recover, allowing every Hatena-powered car to climb up a little on the ladder. We all know they needed it.

By this point, Kisielewicz, the all-time favorite, appeared to be the sure winner of the race, but then he took a close call at Montréal. I swear I saw one of his wheels pop out a little bit there, but my boss told me I should go easy on the energy drinks when I watch the races. But what does he know? The bottom line is, Kisielewicz would drop to the fifth position and from there, only further disgrace would follow. Simernino took this opportunity and left Kisielewicz eating dust, and us, the fans of the Polish wonderboy; disappointed.

Lap 4, and Casalini and Biskup had been dangerously close for a while now, fighting for the lead. Finally, Biskup’s wheels touched Casalini’s, and the German lost control of his car, spinning and getting out of the track. Lucky for him, he wouldn’t be out of the race, not even of the podium.
The public erupted in joy, as Casalini was now leading the race… history was being made in front of our eyes!

Gaburi had been making steady progress during the race, and she was now in third place. Her national, Denzi, was not doing so great at the seventh place… maybe she’s more deserving of her own anime show? This sadly would not last. Biskup was adamant about getting his points, and stole third place from her during the final lap, crushing her expectations for a second podium in the 2021 tournament.

The race was finishing and if you have been paying attention to past events, you must be wondering. “What about Wichman? How did he mess it up this time?” Well, he would wind up getting second place. That’s right folks! Wichman was super conservative on this race, and it paid off! Rumors of him getting fired disappeared in a poof of smoke since Sunday and his smile is as radiant as Jochen’s frown is steep!

Casalini, winner of the FormulaProc 2021 French Grand Prix

The best news for the race, however, was Casalini winning the Picard Grand Prix trophy! For the first time EVER, the France GP is won by a Frenchman! Casalini dropped in tears at the end of the race and his teammates and nationals didn’t leave him for a second after the race so we couldn’t ask for an interview. But maybe that’s ok. Let him enjoy this triumph! Casalini just wrote history.

Before we close this event, we should take a look at the overall results:

Kisielewicz inconsistency has caused him to drop from third place to fourth in the tournament with Biskup taking his place and putting Queenscape back in the picture. After his streak of no points during the six races of the entire season so far, Wichman climbed TWO positions with his podium finish. This opens the question of how will he perform in the latest half of the tournament, will he get on par with his teammate?

Regarding the teams, Hatena is in no great position, doesn’t matter how you look at it. Both teams powered by Hatena units stand at the bottom of the table, but even worse is the fact that, with Gaburi’s performance, their motorsports team was surpassed by the rookie Colombian team SLARA (their scores are tied but Slashware has better point-less performance). Stocks have dropped for Hatena. This hasn’t been a good season for them.

See you next time folks, I, for one, am not going to miss the next race!

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