Season 2022 Team Reveals

It’s Reveal Day for the 2022 season! We will start with Epona Motorsports. They have switched colors to a vibrant red, and are now sponsored by Playing Mantis Toys. The traditional team says they are ready to claim back the teams’ trophy, after years of research and dev.

Playing Mantis Toys, their main sponsor, is making art through sculpture and toys inspired by the old Japanese toy-makers. Check out their awesome work here!

Kisielewicz 🇵🇱, the runner-up from 2021, remains their lead driver hoping to claim victory this year with his aggressive technique. Wichman 🇸🇪 has been replaced by Mexican driver Juan Bedoya 🇲🇽 as he failed to meet the teams’ expectations.

Their new single-seater has received significant upgrades from 2021, and they have a pretty decent chance at the teams’ tournament combined with their new lineup. But only time will tell!

2022 Reveal Day continued with Queenscape Motorsports 🇩🇪. The new cars of the team that won the 2021 drivers tournament feature a complete facelift thanks to their new tournament sponsor: Team ADOM. Bring in the ChAoS!

Under the hood, the design of the car remains very similar to its 2021 specs. Last year they lost the teams’ tournament dramatically with Majeyaux after drawing in points in the last race. Hopefully, they’ll have better luck in 2022!

Team ADOM GmbH, is the indie development group behind “Ultimate ADOM”, the sequel to the groundbreaking roguelike Ancient Domains of Mystery. Check out the game on their website.

The reigning tournament champion, Jochen 🇩🇪, continues missing since his victory at the 2021 Brazilian FormulaProc GP, where he won the trophy in advance of the last race. His teammate, Biskup 🇩🇪, will take the reins of the team on the track, joined by debutant Hewitt 🇰🇷.

HATENA motors 🇯🇵 showed promising performances last season. As stated in their press release: “We are very pleased to announce our new business partner: CENTARRO, we have the confidence that together we will push our team to the next level”.

Centarro are the creators of Drupal Commerce, a time-tested eCommerce application framework complete with content and product management. They provide consulting services and help teams implement it to evolve and scale.

Hatena will also see some changes in their drivers: Denzi 🇯🇵 remains in the team and will seek to improve his good 2021 results, and with Geckinho 🇧🇷 moving to stock car racing, his seat will be taken by Mendoza 🇦🇷: exciting news for the lovers of racing from his home country.

Hatena has always been the target of rumors about their high technology R+D department getting maybe a bit too close to breaking the rules. We will see how it plays for them this season!

And here’s Slashware Racing’s 🇨🇴 2022 open-wheel car. They are keeping the pitch-black design from 2021 and their Hatena power units. “We learned a lot in our first season, and we are committed to establishing ourselves as a strong midfield contender this year”, said its CEO, Zapata.

Red Minas Coffee will supply the team with much-needed fuel to achieve their dreams. Deep in the mountains of Colombia near the small town of Oporapa, rich soil, an ideal climate, and fresh mountain streams combine to grow beans of exceptional quality.

CEO Zapata 🇨🇴 wisely decided to step down from the driver’s seat after his short adventure. “It’s been fun but we need a real pilot behind the wheel”. Gaburi 🇯🇵 will remain on the team and will be joined by Wichman 🇸🇪, both ex-Epona will seek to redeem their bad 2021 seasons.

It’s just their second year in FormulaProc, but there’s a lot of expectation already around the team now that they have a solid team of experienced drivers, and Hatena has promised improvements on the reliability of their power units.

And to close the 2022 reveal day, we had 2021 teams tournament champions Majeyaux Automobile 🇫🇷! Their cars have been completely revamped as they welcome a new sponsor: Bombillo Amarillo!

Bombillo Amarillo is an experienced digital animation studio specializing in 2D. Their services include pre-production, design, and production, transforming ideas into storyboards, then detailed concepts, and finally full-blown audiovisual content!

Top drivers Casalini 🇫🇷 and Simernino 🇮🇹 kept their seats. Their performance in 2021 was good enough for the team to win the championship, but they lacked the consistency to win individually. Will Casalini recover the shape he lost during the last half of 2021?

The winning team hasn’t rested on their laurels and continues improving their car in their new air tunnel facilities in Champagne 🇫🇷. Meanwhile, it’s rumored that an animated series featuring the struggles of their drivers is in pre-production.

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