Italy Grand Prix 2022

Monza, the temple of speed, gave us a pretty rough race this year. Tensions between the top teams build up and were shown on the track.

The top three spots in the drivers’ tournament shifted with Biskup’s performance aided by Simernino’s mishap having him climb two positions back to the top, pushing back Simernino and Hewitt.

Kisielewicz and Bedoya switched positions and remain super close, while Geckinho’s 4th spot, obtained in the last lap, allowed him to steal #6 from Mendoza, who keeps falling down through the ranks after a promising start of the season.

Queenscape remains the leader of the teams’ tournament but Epona keeps getting closer thanks to their added results and Majeyaux’s failure, and Hatena has pushed Slashware racing back to the bottom even with their single scored point.

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