Japanese Grand Prix 2022

The Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka was a real spectacle.

The top three spots in the tournament changed dramatically, with Hewitt making a statement of her intentions to win the tournament, breaking away from Biskup and Simernino who lost three positions each to her and to the rising Epona drivers, who did an amazing race.

Mendoza’s podium spot allowed her to switch positions with Geckinho, she is now 6th but still away from the leaders’ pack.

Gaburi saved the day for Slashware Racing and the Japanese FormulaProc fans with her single scored point, as Denzi’s lap 3 accident (in which he almost ended Wichman’s race too) took him out of the competition. This single point, however, means the world to Slashware Racing as they now surpass Hatena thus getting out of the danger zone as the tournament approaches its end.


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