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FormulaProc is the ever-growing tale of ten drivers trying to win the eponymous tournament by racing formula-type cars on famous tracks all over the world. You can help shape this story by joining the community, supporting drivers, and voting on rule changes and event outcomes.

FormulaProc simulates the outcome of the races based on the skills, motivations, and emotions of the drivers, combined with the capabilities of their cars and the abilities of their teams, providing thrilling races full of surprises that you can watch online.

Right now we are rebuilding the 2021 Season as the simulation and community tools improve race after race. We hope to catch up in time for the start of the Formula One 2022 season!

Azerbaijan 2021 Grand Prix Weekend

Drama at Hatena’s HQ, Queenscape drops ranks, wonderboy Kisielewicz fails and Zapata finally showers in champagne. Read along to know more.

This weekend’s qualifier session ran to the rhythm of the solemn and nostalgic anthem of Azerbaijan, one couldn’t help but imagine yurts, old soviet castles, and images of a hard, solemn land. Tradition is the name! And yet, Azerbaijan brought winds of change. Let’s first talk about the qualifiers!

From the beginning of the session, Kisielewicz started climbing places making one great lap over the other, running just like a bat out of hell. His laps were a bit slow before the first curve, but the superior grip of his Epona allowed him to produce one great time after the other.

Biskup fought valiantly and even led the times at times, but after Sahil Park Kisielewicz already had secured his first place, and no one would be able to take it from him.

But just as Kisielewicz climbed and stood first for most of the race, all the drivers with Hatena engines were stuck with the last four places. Only Zapata managed to maintain a slight advantage over Jochen during the last lap of his qualifiers, but it wouldn’t last long.

Of all Hatena’s engines drivers, Gaburi had the slowest time, qualifying with over nine seconds after Kisielewicz’. This was because she oversteered at the start of her second lap, almost crashing, and she would never be able to recover. A shame for the Japanese driver who is recently gathering a lot of attention especially from female fans all around the world.

What is happening with Hatena? Since their new team composition was announced, made up of celebrities that many fans argue are just “has-beens”, and them selling engines to other teams for the first time in decades; rumors have abounded, ranging from the company going through a full process of reinvention, to the fact that they are boycotting themselves in favor of higher corporate interests.

This reporter will not contribute to these rumors, but I will tell you something: Hatena changed their colors from white to blue for this GP, without any previous announcement. Their stocks went up, by a lot. And after this GP, they have maintained the price, so you make your own assumptions.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon at Baku!

Kisielewicz started the race as a meteorite leaving everyone behind without much trouble. Gaburi and Denzi fought like bitter enemies for the ninth place, but during that first lap, Gaburi not only snatched the ninth but also the eighth place! Leaving Hatena’s team with the last places for a while.

Wichman started his routine of being too reckless. One would think he’d realized by now that he should be a little more careful and conservative.

The second lap would bring a disappointing event… near the Philarmonic Hall, Kisielewicz lost control of his car and started spinning, and by what we can only consider luck, he managed to save his own life and his car. Not so much his leading position in the race, as he dropped to the third position before managing to get back into the track.

Near that same curve; the next one, in fact, Azneft; Geckinho does a “Kisielewicz” and tries to dance ballet with his car. He was already in tenth place, but with this? His last place was now secured barring a miracle. On the other extreme, Simernino was on the lead with his teammate Casalini in a close second!

Kisielewicz started to recover and seemed very close to the second position, but near the House of Government, on lap 4, he lost traction and dropped to seventh place, ouch! This was just what Zapata needed… the Colombian upstart had been steadily climbing places, but this far into the race he was slowing down, he probably didn’t want to risk a good place by doing a Wichman, but he saw this chance and took it!

The Swedish driver, by the way, was now in ninth place after several small accidents, but he still had something on hold for the show: near white fountain park, his recklessness made him almost crash. What was he thinking? This race hadn’t been good for Epona, and Wichman didn’t make it any better.

This was a great day for Majeyaux and Slashware Racing. Zapata got his first podium! The smiles from his team are testament enough to their feelings.

The race started great, but when I got to the fourth place I didn’t want to risk it. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not yet confident enough. This is my team’s first season after all, and we’re competing against some of the biggest names of the sport! But after Kisielewicz’s issue near the House of Government I chose to risk it and by god did it pay up!” Said Zapata.

Although they didn’t finish in terrible places, Queenscape’s performance has steadily declined. They are now behind Majeyaux by almost 40 points and this is the third race where they score no points at all. We haven’t seen this since before FormulaProc was formalized and Queenscape was a British team still.

And since we are talking about lack of points… Wichman. What’s going on with the Swedish starlet? He hasn’t managed to score a single point this season, and by his looks, the pressure is getting to him. Kisielewicz and Wichman have been seen fighting numerous times now; this could explain the surprising lack of performance from Kisielewicz, and this may very well be the breaking point for the team unless Wichman straightens up. Alessandro Ricci, Epona’s spokesman refused to comment. Wichman and Kisielewicz also refused to comment.

We’ll see you next week! Don’t miss out on another exciting race!

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Monaco 2021 Grand Prix Weekend

After the qualifying race, everyone thought that the favorite, Kisielewicz, would maintain the pole position and win the race, but after the ten laps and a constant wheel-to-wheel between the Majeyaux drivers leading the race, it was Casalini atop the podium. Read on to know more!

Monaco’s qualifiers left us with a familiar view; the highest-ranking drivers at the top, and Hatena’s engines at the lower half. Such potent engines having poor performances is making people talk, are the drivers at fault?

The Epona team had a great qualifiers race and was able to get the pole position and the second spot. They seem to be having a lot of fun on this track.

Other than that, there weren’t many surprises during the qualifying race, except that Casalini was out of the top positions. We, just as you, have grown accustomed to seeing the French driver leading, but his times at the fourth quickest time for most of the track and he was only able to steal the third position from Biskup in the last segment of it.

Now let’s talk about the GP!

Everybody was excited as to what the race would bring to the Epona team; both pilots started quick but in the first 600 meters, Wichman had a slip-up and lost traction on Saint Devote. Such an early mistake allowed Simernino and Casalini to steal second and third place respectively and start chasing Kisielewicz.

Gaburi K. kept tailing Casalini and this would continue for the whole race, never dropping below the fourth position. She put up a great show which we hope will silence the few voices that remain clamoring for the creation of a female-only league.

Saint Devote would prove to be a tough spot, when Biskup also lost traction on it during the second lap, dropping from the sixth position to the tenth. Meanwhile, Simernino and Casalini appeared to be in a personal competition, both being (overly?) aggressive with Casalini constantly striking at Simernino for the second place, is this maybe a sign of internal competition in the Red Rockets? it may at points seem that Casalini is not willing to be considered the second driver to the veteran Italian pilot…

While both Majeyaux struggled, it seemed impossible to keep up, not to mention surpass Kisielewicz at this point.

The second lap was a gift that would keep on giving for those who love the excitement of FormulaProc, as Geckinho saved his life and car, just barely when going through the tunnel! We have to confess we did close our eyes! How did you fare? It ended up well, however, only costing him several positions that he could never recover in the track.

And then during the same lap, a miracle for Majeyaux! Kisielewicz lost traction as he kept trying to perfect his lap times. This was what Casalini and Simernino needed, and it seems they finally decided to stop competing between themselves and left Kisielewicz behind!

Third lap! And we start it up with Wichman not calculating risks and running off the track at Rascasse! This would cost him any chance to score in the race for Epona.

As the race went to its midpoint, there were three groups running over the track; leading far ahead we had Casalini and Simernino with their friendly sparring, followed by Gaburi and Jochen, who was trying to get some points for Queenscape. Then we had Denzi and Kisielewicz, who managed to fight back a couple of positions, and Biskup driving alone trying to catch up with them without great success. Finally, we had Zapata (with a mediocre performance), Wichman, and Geckinho in the last positions.

But more surprises awaited us! The dogfight between the Majeyaux would finally produce some problems as Simernino nearly crashed trying to grow some distance between him and Casalini near Saint Devote on lap 6. This allowed Gaburi and Jochen to get past him, and for Casalini to claim first place. Then we had a terrible scare as Wichman crashed near Mirebeau. Luckily, he managed to get out of the Epona car in one piece, but he remains unable to score and his future in the Italian team grows more uncertain every time.

We can’t be sure of it, but we believe this caused at least some tensions in the team as Kisielewicz seemed to throw his helmet to Wichman at the end of the race. Maybe he is feeling the lack of a reliable partner in the track? Wichman refused to comment, and the official word from Epona was not very convincing. “Kisielewicz was angry indeed, and threw his helmet, but not at Wichman! He just didn’t see his teammate. Epona’s drivers are all team players!” said Alessandro Ricci, Epona’s spokesman.

The split into groups saved Gaburi’s performance as she almost crashed near Rascasse. How did she manage to get back on track we have no idea, but such was her distance ahead of Kisielewicz that she managed to break, breathe and resume driving again and not lose her position! Even with his own mediocre performance on the track, Zapata must be happy for managing to snatch her up for his team.

Kisielewicz looked like the fastest driver on the track, but it seems he had a lot of pressure over him leading him to make small mistakes here and there, and after Wichman’s crash the nerves finally got to him leading him to lose the third position and only managing to rescue one point for Epona over Casalini at the finish line.

Casalini’s victory made him advance two positions in the table, and now leads the drivers’ championship pushing Kisielewicz and Simernino one position downwards. Gaburi was the biggest winner of the weekend, jumping to rank #7 after her first podium.

There were no movements in the ranks of the teams’ table, but the gap between Epona and Queenscape continues growing and may soon be out of reach with Wichman’s disappointing results. Queenscape had a good race too, almost placing both drivers on the podium, with Kisielewicz taking Casalini out of the scoring ranks in the final segment of the track they continue closing the gap to Majeyaux.

This was a thrilling race, we can’t wait for what comes next in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix!

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Formula changes announced for Monte Carlo

After revising some incidents from past races, and being always on the lookout to provide a better show (and safety for the drivers), the Committee of the Unseen has announced the following changes to the racers’ Formula with immediate effect:

  • Transmission Block (Shared Component): Power transmission is to be decreased by 63%

Please note that this change affects a Shared Component provided to all teams, so no work is expected from the teams other than testing under the new conditions.

Spain – FormulaProc 2021 Grand Prix Race

Montmeló, Spain, May 9, 2021 – The time had come for the 4th Grand Prix of the season at Barcelona. The drivers had done a clean job at the qualifiers and the favorites were placed at the top positions. Would Kisielewicz be able to hold his lead with four strong drivers in front of him? there was only one way to know!

Queenscape had a good start with their drivers taking some distance from Majeyaux’ Simernino, while Casalini stayed a bit behind defending from an aggressive Kisielewicz who was looking forward to repeating the feat of Portugal; the Polish madman driver finally managed to win the position at the TV3 corner.

The Queenscape drivers fought each other for the first position until Jochen almost crashes at the same TV3 corner during Lap 2 and fell to position 9. The first four drivers (Biskup, Simernino, Kisielewicz, and Casalini) would hold to their positions until the end of the race after Jochen’s incident, albeit with a sizeable 4 seconds gap between Biskup and Casalini.

Biskup T. Winner of the Spanish 2021 FormulaProc Grand Prix

Wichman fell to the last position in the starting line, went past the slow Slashware car from Zapata, and then was stuck behind Geckinho’s strong defense until the Brazilian spun near curve 12 and yielded his position. Then, as he approached Denzi for position #5 in the final lap they were reached by Jochen on his way to recover from his initial incident. As Jochen tried to overcome both racers in corners 5-6, he missed the curve reentry and crashed in the same area that saw Slashware’s Gaburi did earlier on the race. Wichman was able to complete the first race on the season, albeit outside of the scoring positions.

Checkered flag at Barcelona

Kisielewicz’ third position allows him to keep spot #1 in the tournament, but both Majeyaux drivers loom close. Biskup was the winner of the day gaining 2 positions at the table and closing the group of leaders. Jochen had a disappointing day and now completes 3 out of 4 DNFs, but his victory at Imola keeps him alive, and Denzi continues having a good tournament way ahead of the rest of the slower drivers. Wichman also gained a position over Gaburi, in virtue of finally finishing a race.

Biskups’s victory has served the purpose of Queenscape climbing to position #2 in the teams’ table, but Majeyaux has been doing a more constant work with their two drivers so still remains at a comfortable distance at position #1; likewise, Epona Nitro is going to need a better performance by Wichman if they want to have a serious chance at the teams standing.

I will see you next week, as we travel to Monaco!

Spain– FormulaProc 2021 Grand Prix, Qualifiers

Montmeló, Spain, May 7, 2021 – We traveled east and into the Catalonia region to witness a classic Grand Prix weekend. This circuit is well known by most of the drivers as it serves as a test-bed for many of the improvements done to the cars for every season, so we can expect every driver to be at their best and likely make little mistakes on their runs.

The qualifiers session went in smooth, with Biskup taking the pole position for a fourth time in a row, followed by his teammate, the Majeyaux racers, and the Eponas.

Energized from winning the Portugal GP, we saw Kisielewicz have a great qualifier, surpassing the Majeyaux for most of the track but finally yielding time in the long back straight and the subsequent corners. On the other hand, Denzi almost snatched position #6 from Wichman but he managed to keep it in the last straight.

Will Biskup use his pole position to improve his standings in the tournament? we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Portugal – FormulaProc 2021 Grand Prix Race

Portimão, Portugal, May 2, 2021 – It is time for the third Grand Prix of the season. After a great qualifiers session, the Queenscape duo led the racers pack, hoping to fetch the first position of teams and pilots after the race; Majeyaux was not going to have an easy time catching up to them, after a difficult time trial which put 5 cars in between. The race looked hopeless for Kisielewicz and the Hatena and Slashware pack were ready for an interesting race holding back the Majeyaux while battling to the fourth or maybe even the third spot.

No one was ready for the race that was to unfold.

There were no surprises on the starting lane for Queenspace, but as the racers started dominating the first lap together, Jochen was unnecessarily aggressive with his teammate into the dangerous Lagos corner, crashing and almost ending Wichman’s race as well (he was lucky to make it through).

Kisielewicz, as mentioned, started from the last position, but jumped two positions in the starting lane and would then dash into 4th position leaving behind Simernino and the Slashware and Hatena cars; Simernino was soon on his tail tho, and claimed position #2 from Denzi as well, at the Samsung curve. Casalini, meanwhile, was still stuck at the back, unable to go past the Slashwares until Curve 13.

As Biskup was growing his advantage to the rest of the cars, he oversteered on curve #13, allowing for Simernino to get closer and closer, until they met at the Lagos curve on lap 2. Simernino attacked, but Biskup oversteered while defending, and Simernino couldn’t get back to the driving line timely and crashed. It was the second call in the race for Biskup at the Lagos corner.

The incident allowed Kisielewicz to take the lead for the first time in the year, although Biskup never gave up and kept a close distance to him. The fight for the first spot was intense towards the end of the race, and Biskup would finally meet again with the Lagos corner, this time ending the race as Jochen and Simernino had done previously. Kisielewicz would go on to score his first Grand Prix Victory!

Kisielewicz K. – Winner of the FormulaProc Portuguese GP 2021

Denzi had a great race, staying in place 3 and even surviving an effort by Casalini by the end of lap 2 who attacked when he was finally able to break free from the slow pack, only to lose traction of his car and fall back to the Hatena pair. After Biskup’s incident Denzi held into the second position, defending from an aggressive Casalini who came back for a second round and only managed to get the position in a thrilling photo-finish decider.

Wichman kept a low profile during the race, staying away from confrontation until the last lap when he tried to get Geckinho’s position #4 and crashed near Torre VIP, continuing his negative streak on the season, a shame for the Swedish driver who isn’t performing on par to his Polish teammate.

The great race for the Hatena was completed by Geckinho, who managed to survive the rugged race staying in the middle positions thru it and getting a #4 by the end. The Slashware cars crossed the finish line the last, but both managed to do so (an accomplishment for them as well).

After his first Grand Prix victory, Kisielewicz now leads the drivers’ championship, followed close by Casalini. The classification has shaken again with the Queenscape drivers diving down. Slashware Racing got his first championship point with Zapata’s 5th position on the race.

Kisielewicz’ victory also boosted his team to the second position in the teams’ championship, but Queenscape is not very far.

What a great start for the tournament, it seems anything can happen now! I’ll see you in a week for the Grand Prix of Spain where we’ll see if Queenscape manages to recover or the Epona team can continue their good run!

Portugal – Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix, Qualifiers

Portimão, Portugal, April 30, 2021 – We are now in the beautiful region of Algarve, ready to enjoy the beautiful and nerve-wracking Portimão Circuit, in what promises to be a weekend full of emotions.

Energized from a good weekend at Imola, the Queenscapes sought to continue their streak, with Majeyaux hoping to hold to their lead.

Both Kisielewicz and Simernino had issues on the Lagos corner, however, Simernino managed to maneuver back into the track to finish on spot #8, while Kisielewicz wasn’t as lucky and had to resort to the last position start. Casalini couldn’t handle the Portimão corner, thus making the first time none of the Majeyaux will start from advantaging positions.

With the Majeyaux retired, Biskup and Jochen built a great time advantage from the rest of the pack. Biskup claimed the Pole position yet again, and Wichman had a good #3 starting spot. Denzi was the fastest of the slow pack, followed by Zapata, Geckinho and Gaburi.

Qualifiers Results

Emilia Romana– Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix Race

Imola, Italy, April 18, 2021 – It is time to race at Emilia Romana: the second Grand Prix of the season kicked in with favorite teams Queenscape and Majeyaux standing in the front row after a pretty event-less qualifiers session that saw Biskup take his second pole position of the season. It looked like this was going to be the chance for the Queenscape team to start the tournament for real.

And so it was. The Queenscape team had an amazing race with Biskup starting strong and keeping the first position well until the final lap where he was overtaken by his teammate Jochen just by a close margin. Both cars kept a comfortable gap to the Majeyaux duo, which had a better performance by Casalini who seemed very comfortable at the track and ended up half a second ahead of his teammate at the finish line.

Jochen A.
Winner of the 2021 Emilia Romana FormulaProc Grand Prix Trophy

The back pack had some surprising action, with Wichman leading ahead in position #5 (at times getting really close to Simernino) and a good performance by Zapata trailing behind in the first lap. Kisielewicz woke up and dashed thru Zapata and Wichman to climb to position #5 before the end of lap 2. Wichman didn’t yield tho and fought for the last pointer position only to crash shortly afterward at the Acque Minerali curve, a second abandon for the Swedish pilot.

Final Race Results

Gaburi had a race to forget, with a crash near the Tamburello variant in the first lap. Geckinho also crashed during the last lap at the Piratella corner seemingly struggling with an unwieldy Hatena that didn’t allow him to see any real action. Zapata had a decent race and almost managed to score points if not for the superb driving of Kisielewicz.

The scoreboard shook after this second race, but in spite of the great results of the Queenscape drivers, Simernino managed to keep the lead of the tournament to a quickly approaching Jochen, and Kisielewicz is still one position over Biskup. The Slashware drivers remain pointless and it seems they will have a hard time scoring during the tournament unless they develop some change in their strategy. Wichman stays at the bottom of the list with two DNFs.

Queenscape rose from the bottom into the second position in the teams’ ranking, will they climb to the top in the next race? I’ll see you at Portimão for the next FormulaProc GP!

Emilia Romana – Formula Proc 2021 Grand Prix, Qualifiers

Imola, Italy, April 17, 2021 – FormulaProc has arrived in Europe for 2021! It’s racing time in the classic circuit of Imola, which returns to the schedule after many years and safety renovations.

In this second Grand Prix of the season, there’s hope the Queenscape team finally finds its way and can complete a race unscathed. They have already proved themselves to have a good car, but if they don’t start adding points to the table they may be in trouble down the road.

Imola is known for its dangerous corners, but luckily there weren’t any big surprises during the qualifying session; Perhaps all drivers played more safe, hoping to have better chances during the race.

Biskup won the pole again (hopefully he can make better use of it than he did in Bahrain!) this time followed by his teammate Jochen, and Casalini and Simernino followed. Kisielewicz had a good qualifier for spot #5, and Wichman stood next to him. The final pack of the Hatena and Slashware drivers had the surprise of Zapata climbing to position #8, surpassing the veteran driver Geckinho and his own teammate Gaburi, who didn’t have a great day.

Biskup T. – Pole Position
Qualifiers results

I will see you tomorrow for the Grand Prix Race!