Teams and Drivers – 2021

Queenscape Motorsports
Headquarters: Dortmund, Germany
Engine: Moteurs Majeyaux

2021 had the German team switch to powerful Majeyaux engines, but practice rounds have made evident they are still perfecting their performance. Their renowned team of engineers will surely tackle this issue very quickly.

Their drivers for 2021 are anticipated to fly like rockets on the track… but will they be able to control their powerful machines under the pressure of aggressive opponents?

Biskup T. 🇩🇪

21 years old

This Queenscape underdog surprised us all with his steady rise. He has shown to be very conservative in his driving, which has clearly helped him a lot in controlling his powerful machine.

Whatever the future holds for him, we are sure that if he keeps this steady climb, he’s sure to make the hall of fame.

“Being the fastest does little if you crash every time”

Jochen A. 🇩🇪

23 years old

Hotheaded and seemingly somewhat clumsy but full of spirit, this German driver should work a lot on his skills if he has any hope of doing well next season.

He has got the speed… Will he take control of the wheel or will it take control of him?

“You have to take some risks to win. I’ll tame this car yet”

Epona Nitro
Headquarters: Imola, Italy
Engine: Epona

The all-time traditional team comes back with a renewed image and their research division has designed a new engine unit optimized for top speeds. They will be putting the reliability of this experimental block to the test.

Epona Nitro is an old team, part of FormulaProc’s history since its inception, will they be able to recapture the imagination of the fans?

Kisielewicz K. 🇵🇱

25 years old

Kisielewicz seems to be tradition incarnated. His father was a racer and his grandfather before was also a racer. Who can forget Aleksy Kisielewicz’s victory in Bremgarten 1950?

High hopes rest in Kisielewicz’s shoulders, as great things are expected of the confident polish pilot.

“Winning is in my blood”

Wichman G. 🇸🇪

22 years old

A breath of fresh Swedish air in Epona Nitro’s traditional formula, he has shown to be aggressive, fast, and a risk-taker; not unwilling to face the permanent consequences a bad split-second decision can bring in the tracks.

A driver who is willing to challenge the status quo is just what Epona Nitro needs.

“A race only matters if I win it”

Majeyaux Automobile
Headquarters: Champagne, France
Engine: Moteurs Majeyaux

The French powerhouse is bringing back its fast, solid engine, with its racer’s design still enduring some limitations to achieve top speeds. Its performance however is nothing to scoff at. Proof of that is that alongside Hatena, they provide the engines for most of the teams.

Their unpredictable lineup will surely put up a show in the upcoming season.

Casalini D. 🇫🇷

28 years old

Casalini’s great reflexes have given us some of the most thrilling races in recent years. The French racer has shown a great talent for controlling the wheel. It’s almost as if the car is an extension of his body, and yet, he is yet to win.

Glue your eyes on him, he’ll be sure to make it worth your while.

“I am the wheel”

Simernino D. 🇮🇹

30 years old

The Italian driver has been participating in races for over twenty years, having a successful career at superkarts, the Torozzi series, and Formula K.

Although experienced he still innovates on the track, which has given the public many thrills… And scares.

“My age is my biggest asset”

Slashware Racing
Headquarters: Tocancipá, Colombia
Engine: Hatena Motors

The Colombian team debuts in 2021 with a well-rounded car design and the hottest driver acquisition of the season, dreaming of bringing their magic realism into the world.

Being the first team from South America, all eyes are on them. Will they soar or crash and burn?

Zapata R. 🇨🇴

35 years old

The founder of his own team. Energetic but not a risk-taker, this Colombian and his team are debuting in 2021. He is one of the only two Latin-American drivers we have this year.

So far his performance has been sub-par in the practice sessions, but the future is not written and we’ll be sure to take a close look at his career.

“This is just the beginning”

K. Gaburi 🇯🇵

19 years old

This superstar in the making switched from Epona after just one season, seeking to stop living in the shadows of her team-mate superstars and forge a name for herself.

Surely, one to watch out for.

“I’ll write my name on the tracks”

Hatena Motors
Headquarters: Suzuka, Japan
Engine: Hatena Motors

The Japanese team has a great engineering team, and yet each season we are surprised again by their ability to surpass themselves.

Highlights on their 2021 design include a high-tech braking kit that should allow for great corner performance. This, paired with this season’s team lineup, composed of two recently out of retirement celebrities, is sure to bring excitement to the season and hopefully improve their results from 2020

M. Denzi 🇯🇵

32 years old

Does the 32 years old Japanese superstar need any introductions? He’s won the P-Start Racing tournament 4 times in a row, he has his own anime and he’s even acted in a couple Japanese movies.

He has been in retirement for a couple of years but now he is back and “better than ever”. If this retirement has dulled his talents only time will tell.

Geckinho S. 🇧🇷

37 years old

Upon hearing about Denzi’s return, Geckinho sought to return to the tracks.

The Brazilian legend had left official competitions for many years after losing the tournament in a disappointing last race. He opened a racing academy in Sao Paulo to field a new generation of competitive drivers.

Teaching how to drive, however, is very different from racing against worldwide starlets. Let’s hope his talents have been indeed honed these years.